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When you use the library, you agree to:

Respect Staff and Customers
Prohibited conduct:

  1. Any action or behavior that is disruptive, disturbing or potentially harmful to others, including but not limited to:
    • Fighting, challenging to fight or provoking violence;
    • Loud talking and other noisy activities, including use of cell phones or other electronic devices;
    • Blocking or interfering with the free movement of individuals; and
    • Offensive personal hygiene.

  2. Any acts or conduct in violation of federal, state or local laws, ordinances or regulations, including but not limited to:
    • Disorderly conduct;
    • Sexual activity;
    • Possession of illegal weapons of any type; and
    • Possession, consumption or being under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs;
    • Use of tobacco or electronic cigarettes on library property.

  3. Sleeping, loitering or remaining at the library for no obvious reason. Users must be engaged in a library activity such as reading, studying, doing research or participating in a library program.

  4. Soliciting, surveying, political campaigning, petitioning, selling of any kind, distributing or posting of materials not specifically authorized by the Branch Manager are prohibited on library property.

  5. Using libraries for child-care services; leaving a child under 11 years of age for any amount of time (children 10 and under must be attended by someone 16 years of age or older); or leaving a child under the age of 18 for an excessive period of time or after closing.

  6. Not wearing shoes or shirts in the library at all times.

Respect Materials and Equipment
Prohibited conduct:

  1. Damaging, destroying or stealing any property of the library, library staff or customers.

  2. Taking library property or materials outside buildings without following established loan procedures or other authorization.


Respect Buildings and Property
Prohibited conduct:

  1. Acting in a manner that is potentially harmful to library buildings, property, users or staff, such as unauthorized use of another person's library card for any purpose.

  2. Improper use furniture, equipment or materials.

  3. Use of luggage, bedrolls, musical instruments, sports equipment, skateboards, skates (includes heelies), scooters and bicycles are examples of items that are prohibited.

  4. Consuming food or drinks around library computers or equipment.

  5. Improper use restrooms, including solicitation, meetings, bathing or shaving.

  6. Using or monopolizing library equipment, materials or facilities in an unauthorized manner that prevents others from using them, including but not limited to:
    • Library computers;
    • Library telephones; and
    • Printers, copiers and fax machines.

  7. Using non-public doors or any other non-public areas in an unauthorized manner. 

  8. Using parking areas or other property in an unauthorized, improper or unsafe manner, including but not limited to the use of tobacco products or electronic cigarettes; skates or skateboards; bicycles and scooters. Vehicles parked improperly are subject to being towed at the owner's expense.

  9. Bringing animals, except service animals, into library facilities.

Any of these actions may result in the customer being asked to leave the library. Those who persist and refuse to leave the buildings and grounds when requested will be subject to their behavior being reported to local police. Repeat violators are subject to loss of library privileges. 

Approved by the Lancaster County Library Board
March 28, 2023


Lancaster County Library Meeting Room Policy

The meeting rooms of the Lancaster County Library System are intended primarily for library programming and programs sponsored by the Friends of the Library.  When not in use by the library, the meeting rooms may be used by community groups.  Meetings may be held by signing a space use agreement and with the approval of the director/branch manager.  The meeting room is not intended for social gatherings, entertainment, fundraising, political campaigning, religious, or for-profit organizations/purposes. 

After Hours Meeting Room Use Times:

Monday-Friday: 5pm-9pm

Saturday: 2pm-5pm

Sunday: 2pm-5pm

  • Acceptance or rejection of user applications is at the discretion of the director/branch manager.

  • The meeting room reservations will not be final until all paperwork has been completed and approved.

  • Rooms are available on a first-come, first-served basis for programs of governmental, non-profit, civic, cultural, or educational programs/ meetings. No parties.

  • Reservations may be made for monthly meetings one year in advance.  All other meetings will be scheduled individually, and one at a time. For example, one cannot book a series of Mondays every week in advance.

  • The contact person (an officer of the organization) requesting the use of the room shall be the person picking up the badge, opening the room, and the last to leave, ensuring lights are off and the building is secure. The badge is to be returned immediately to the book drop.

  • The applicant must have a Lancaster County Library card that is in good standing.

  • The contact person must present his/her library card and a picture ID when picking up the access badge.

  • The contact person must be trained in the proper opening/closing procedures of the Meeting Room before using the facilities.

  • Cancellations must be made by the contact person twenty-four hours before the time of a scheduled booking.

  • Two consecutive “no-shows” will void the room lease agreement.

  • No money may be charged or solicited by the group.

  • Library programs take precedence over public use of meeting rooms.  Lancaster County Library reserves the right to cancel a reservation, if necessary.

  • Programs may not disrupt the use of the library by others.  All meetings are to be free and open to the general public, including staff.

  • Those using the meeting rooms must abide by the Library Code of Conduct.

  • Advertisements of an event may not be posted on the premises.

  • User may neither claim endorsement by the Lancaster County Library nor imply that the Library is sponsoring their meeting. Meeting publicity should clearly state that the event is not a Lancaster County Library-sponsored program, but may include the Library address/location information for attendees. Users should not include Library telephone numbers in meeting publicity. Users must confine meeting activities and distribution of literature and signage to the meeting space reserved.

  • Light refreshments may be served but all food must remain in the room or be disposed of before guests enter the library proper.  The room must be properly cleaned.  If the library staff determines that the room needs a special clean-up or has not been restored to the original order, charges for janitorial services will be made.

  • All tables and chairs should be stacked neatly in the designated areas.

  • All meetings should be completed and the room vacated by 9:00 pm. 

  • The Lancaster County Library Board of Trustees reserves the right to amend these rules at any time.

Approved by the Lancaster County Library Board
October 21,2004

Revised August 30, 2022

Revised January 24, 2023

Computer Use Policies

Computer users must follow the Library’s Code of Conduct and this Computer Use Policy.  Users should possess basic computer skills prior to using the library’s computers.  Library staff cannot provide individualized training or assistance.  Failing to comply with these policies will result in the loss of computer privileges.

1.  All computer users must access the computers using their own valid Lancaster County Library borrower’s card.  Using cards issued to other borrowers (including dependent children’s cards) is not permitted, and may cause loss of privileges for cardholder(s).

2.  Patrons changing any computer settings will lose all computer privileges.  This includes running scripts to bypass security or using any method to access restricted sites.

3.  No more than two persons per workstation at any time.  Loud talking or other disruptive behavior is not permitted.

4.  Do not bring infants and small children with you when you using the computers.  Your session will be terminated if your children disturb other users, or if your children are allowed to wander unsupervised.

5.  Computer use is limited to two hours per day per individual.  It is the user’s responsibility to manage his or her time accordingly.

6.  Internet users MAY NOT

                a.   Access sexually explicit content

                b.   Use computers for criminal activity

These restrictions also apply to anyone using the library’s wireless Internet access.

7.  Any material saved to the local hard drive is erased when the computer session ends.  It is not possible to retrieve this information after a session has ended.

8.  Computers shut down and restart between each session, clearing all non-secure data.  All computers automatically shut down 15 minutes before the library closes.

9.  Computer Use Age Restrictions

                A.  Cardholders must be 13 years old to access computers in the adult areas.  The library maintains Internet  filtering on its computers which may prevent accessing certain websites.

                B.  Cardholders must be under age 18 to use computers in the children’s area (Lancaster).  These computers have games and word processing, plus child-safe browsers which limit Internet access to child-friendly websites.

                C.  Adults must stay at the child’s computer with any child aged 5 and under (Del Webb) and with any child under the age of 13 when he/she is accessing Internet (system wide).


Approved:  Lancaster County Library Board                          March 30, 2012

Computer Use

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