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Lancaster County Library Meeting Rooms

The meeting rooms of the Lancaster County Library system are intended primarily for library programming and programs sponsored by the Friends of the Library.  When not in use by the library, the meeting rooms may be used by community groups. The meeting room is not intended for social gatherings, entertainment, fundraising, political campaigning, religious, or for-profit organizations/purposes. 

After Hours Meeting Room Use Times:

Monday-Friday: 5pm-9pm

Saturday: 2pm-5pm

Sunday: 2pm-5pm

  • Acceptance or rejection of user applications is at the discretion of the director/branch manager.

  • The meeting room reservations will not be final until all paperwork has been completed and approved.

  • Rooms are available on a first-come, first-served basis for programs of governmental, non-profit, civic, cultural, or educational programs/ meetings. No parties.

  • Reservations may be made for monthly meetings one year in advance.  All other meetings will be scheduled individually, and one at a time. For example, one cannot book a series of Mondays every week in advance.

  • The contact person (an officer of the organization) requesting the use of the room shall be the person picking up the badge, opening the room, and the last to leave, ensuring lights are off and the building is secure. The badge is to be returned immediately to the book drop.

  • The applicant must have a Lancaster County Library card that is in good standing.

  • The contact person must present his/her library card and a picture ID when picking up the access badge.

  • The contact person must be trained in the proper opening/closing procedures of the Meeting Room before using the facilities.

  • Cancellations must be made by the contact person twenty-four hours before the time of a scheduled booking.

  • Two consecutive “no-shows” will void the room lease agreement.

  • No money may be charged or solicited by the group.

  • Library programs take precedence over public use of meeting rooms.  Lancaster County Library reserves the right to cancel a reservation, if necessary.

  • Programs may not disrupt the use of the library by others.  All meetings are to be free and open to the general public, including staff.

  • Those using the meeting rooms must abide by the Library Code of Conduct.

  • Advertisements of an event may not be posted on the premises.

  • Light refreshments may be served but all food must remain in the room or be disposed of before guests enter the library proper.  The room must be properly cleaned.  If the library staff determines that the room needs a special clean-up or has not been restored to the original order, charges for janitorial services will be made.

  • All tables and chairs should be stacked neatly in the designated areas.

  • All meetings should be completed and the room vacated by 9:00 pm. 

  • The Lancaster County Library Board of Trustees reserves the right to amend these rules at any time.


Approved by the Lancaster County Library Board
October 21,2004

Revised August 30, 2022

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