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Apollo 16

Twelve human beings have set foot on the surface of the moon. In 1972, Charles Duke became the tenth as a crewmember of Apollo 16.




Robert Moorman Sims entered Confederate service with the Lancaster Greys in 1861. Four years later, he carried the Flag of Truce at Appomattox.



Battle of New Orleans

In 1815, Andrew Jackson led a colorful, hodgepodge army against the most formidable military power in the world at the Battle of New Orleans.



Buford's Defeat

Hearing of the fall of Charleston in 1780, a regiment of Virginians was retreating to American lines. They were overtaken by British commander Banastre Tarleton. The battle was known as Buford's Defeat.



Haile Gold Mine

From a gold nugget found in 1828, Haile Gold Mine became the largest producer of gold east of the Mississippi.



Lewis W. Hine Photographs

Lewis W. Hine was a photographer for the National Child Labor Committee. He
isited the Lancaster Cotton Mill in 1908 and took several Photographs.



Mt. Carmel Campmeeting

Mt. Carmel AMEZ Church has been home to an annual Campmeeting since the late 1860s. Thousands attend from all over the country.


School Days

From the Waxhaw Academy to a branch of today's University of South Carolina, Lancaster's citizens have long had an interest in education and School Days.



Waxhaw Presbyterian Church

The Waxhaw Presbyterian Church is the oldest church in South Carolina's backcountry. Dating from around 1750, it has interesting stories to tell.

Local History

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